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Marky still loves baseball.

I started this site for everyone who has wanted to know the best way to wrap tape around a baseball bat. One day several years ago, I was practicing at the batting cage when I overheard the following conversation between a young boy and his dad. The boy appeared to be a little leaguer and he brought his own equipment. It went something like this:

Boy: “Hey, Dad. Look at this. It’s all coming apart.”

Dad: “Oh, yeah, we’ll have to get it fixed.”

Boy: “Can you wrap it for me?”

Dad: “Uh, naw. I don’t know, son. If you can’t do it, we’ll just buy you a new bat. Okay?”


A day for a lifetime.

The conversation struck me for two reasons. The first is that I had the impression that this boy’s dad didn’t know how to wrap a baseball bat. Or, if he knew, he wasn’t going to take the time or make the effort to do it. So, I felt bad for the boy.  The second—and it runs tangent to the first—is that both the boy and his father were going to miss out on one of the great moments of childhood.  Wrapping a bat together.

How did you learn to wrap your first bat? Often, it’s just on your own through trial and error, or maybe after watching someone else do it. But sometimes, it’s an art form handed down from father to son, coach to player, friend to friend or, as in my case, from brother to brother.

And it’s not just the taping of the bat handle. Wrapping a bat with someone can be an opportunity to teach and to learn in an intimate way between people who care about each other; sometimes, it’s just talking the game and swapping stories about baseball, sports and life; and sometimes it’s sitting in the grass on a spring day that you just might  remember for the rest of your life.

Bats on a fence.

Not just tape on a handle.

So, this blog is about wrapping tape around baseball bat handles. It includes a lot of different wrapping techniques, different taping materials, information about baseball equipment and about the game itself.

But at its heart, wrapyourbat.com is vehicle for me to write about how baseball shapes those who take part in it, the families who play it, and those who love it as our national pastime.

I hope you enjoy the blog. Please come often, we want to hear from you.

–Mark Godding

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